329 Canadian Forces Health Services Training Centre

Royal Canadian Army Cadet Corps

329 CFHSTC Royal Canadian Army Cadets is very proud to have such an amazing staff.  Their leadership and dedication is of the highest standard.  The Cadet Instructors Cadre (CIC) is a branch of the Canadian Armed Forces Reserve. They bring with them a vast amount of knowledge.  Many CIC Officers may have a background in the military, business administration. policing, medicine, teaching, the service industry, the trades, or even stay-at-home parents/guardians. 

Regardless of their civilian backgrounds, CIC members bring their own knowledge and the training from the Canadian Armed Forces to provide a safe, fun, and challenging atmosphere for all Cadets and colleagues.

We must also give credit to our many wonderful Regular Force, Primary Reserve Force, and Civilian Volunteers, who not only bring an incredible wealth of knowledge and experience with them, but who also provide their services pro bono, but do so by taking time out of their busy lives.

Captain Ashley Austin, BA
Commanding Officer
Captain Broderick Smith, BEng
Adjutant & Operations Officer 
Captain James Farnsworth
Training Officer 
Second Lieutenant Ben Hengeveld, BA
Red Star Level Officer
Corporal Patricia Scaletta
Medical Techniquess Instructor & Boomer Platoon NCM Advisor
Captain Edward Ross, CD, BEd, OCT
Deputy Commanding Officer, Supply Officer & Unit Public Affairs Officer
Captain Gina Trubiani, Hons BSc, PhD, RP, CCRP
Administration Officer
Lieutenant Sharon Bain-Hengeveld, BEd, OCT
Arnold Platoon Commander & Green Star Level Officer
Corporal Francesca Martin, BA
Chief Clerk, Ethics Coordinator & Master Cadet Officer
Master Corporal Ryan Antonew
Senior Drill Sergeant Major & Gold Star Level Officer
Civilian Volunteer Steve Picco
Supply Technician