Medical Care for Cadets

Eyeglasses, Lenses, Contact Lenses, and Frames

The CAF will replace or repair lost or broken glasses or contact lenses, if the damage or loss is directly attributable to training or duty and was unavoidable. These items are the personal property of the Cadet therefore, it is strongly recommended that the Cadet or the parent has insurance coverage for repair/replacement of eyeglasses. In addition, Cadets requiring eyeglasses shall have in their possession two pairs of glasses and a copy of the prescription. Cadets are responsible for the safety of their eyeglasses and must exercise due diligence in preventing loss or damage (wearing retaining straps, etc).


Dental Services


When a Cadet suffers any injury to the teeth and adjacent oro-facial structures attributable to performance of duty, a Cadet is entitled to the treatment that is necessary to restore a state of oral health comparable to that which existed prior to the injury. Re-constructive oral surgery to correct a pre-existing condition will not be provided. Entitlements/Benefits/Compensation Cadets, civilian instructors and volunteers are not eligible for compensation and benefits set out in Compensation and Benefits Instructions (CBI) for the Canadian Armed Forces; only CAF members are eligible/entitled to receive such benefits. The Cadet will receive health care to treat the attributable condition until the responsibility for providing health care has been, in the opinion of the senior medical authority, successfully transferred to the provincial/ territorial authorities. The CAF/DND and/or League Insurance will pay for necessary health care that is not covered by provincial/territorial health authorities which is required to treat the attributable condition and is authorized by the senior medical authority.

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