329 Canadian Forces Health Services Training Centre

Royal Canadian Army Cadet Corps


2018 - 2019

Dear Parents/Guardians

As we begin this year, the staff and Support Committee (SC) have been hard at work planning fun events and training for all the cadets. Some of the events that your cadet/s will take part in are weekly training nights, Commanding Officer's Parades, local community parades, group competitions (drill, marksmanship, orienteering), field training exercises (FTX), and an amazing end of the year trip!  This is to name some of the exciting things that your cadet will be doing this year.  

As you know joining cadets if free.  We do ask all cadets and families to participate in fundraising throughout the year.  This is what makes it possible for the cadets to be involved in such amazing activities.  As the support committee we arrange a few fundraisers throughout the year.  It is expected that everyone participates and does their best to support the Corps.  Such events would be tagging, chocolate almond sales, and Remembrance Day poppy sales.  

The support committee strives to do the best we can for the Corps.  Our main fundraiser is tagging.  This is usually done twice a year, and is mandatory for all cadets to participate.  All monies raised these days goes directly to the Corps.  Dates will be posted for tagging weekends online and will be announced during Thursday night training closer to the date.

As mentioned before that there is NO cost to join the Cadet Program.  A lot of the extra activities that we do with the cadets is paid by donations.  If you or anyone that you know would be interested in donating to the Cadets program, please contact the support committee.  All donations are always welcome and a Charity receipt can be issued for tax purposes.

We are excited to be able to offer the Cadet Program in Tottenham.  It is an amazing program to prepare our youth for the future.  Giving them the confidence and qualities they need for their future.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact the Support Committee.




Ken Shambrook - Chair


Cam Stocco - Vice Chair


Sonia Caicedo - Treasurer


Crystal Crosbie - Secretary


Dana Stocco - Fundraising Committee Chair

Dawn Goss - Member

Ken Goss - Member

Susan Jalbert - Member

Valeria Freitas - Member